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What is the FILAL ?

The FILAL (International fund for the Alsatian language) is a fund which aims to put into operation or construction of nursery schools or kindergartens immersed in Alsatian language.

The FILAL was created on 30 December 2011, on the initiative of Alsatian from around the world, notably those of Castroville in Texas. 40 cantonal representatives structure the fund (horizontal representation), they are grouped into nine working groups on key themes such as training, nursery immersion, fundraising.

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We believe deeply and truly in the right of individuals to learn and use their regional or minority language, both in a private and public context.

If we believe in this right, we are convinced that this is an important vehicle for personal development, but we are also aware of the enormous economic benefits of plurilingualism by naturally facilitating Exchanges, with the many neighbouring countries of the same Germanic linguistic roots.

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